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Dishwasher Supervisor

Department: Kitchen
Location: Boston, MA

America's Test Kitchen is seeking a full-time Dishwasher Supervisor to join our Kitchen Operations Team. This role is responsible for managing our Kitchen Assistants and ensuring that our 15,000 square feet test kitchen is supplied with all necessary supplies for daily operation and that the cleanliness of the kitchen spaces are maintained to our high standards. This individual will need to be dedicated, meticulously organized, intuitive to kitchen needs and have solid communication skills.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage four Kitchen Assistants

    • Oversee their schedules and time management adjusting as necessary

    • Lead weekly 1:1 meetings

  • Manage daily workflow of dish room personnel throughout the day

    • Switch out so each person evenly contributes to washing, drying and running dishes

    • Ensure all Kitchen Assistants take breaks at their assigned times

    • Distribute extra work to other Kitchen Assistants (for events, TV, etc.)

    • Check that all Kitchen Assistants are completing daily tasks and adjust task load as needed

    • Ensure that all cleanliness and health department standards are up held

  • New Hires

    • Onboard new hires using company on-boarding policies

    • Train new hires on dish room processes and tasks

  • Substitutes/Day Porters

    • Request day porters as needed with manager approval to fill in for Kitchen Assistants that are on vacation or sick

    • Train substitutes/day porters on dish room processes and tasks

  • Daily Tasks

    • Refrigeration Temperatures

      • Record refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen and office spaces to ensure that they are at the correct temperature

    • Tasting Supplies

      • Refill the silverware trays

      • Refill items for tasting under tables i.e. plates, bowls, etc.

    • Paper Goods/Gloves/Wipes/Paper Towels

      • Refill all paper good cabinets

      • Stock all glove holders

      • Stock all probe wipes

      • Refill paper towel holders and place a backup roll for each holder

      • Refill hand wipes

    • Dish Machine

      • Clean interior of the dish machine mid-morning

      • Test temperature of the dish machine with strips daily

    • 3-bin Sink

      • Set-up and monitor the temperature and cleanliness of the 3-bin sink

    • Sanitizer

      • Refill sanitizer spray bottles weekly

    • Towels

      • Stock the Dish Room with clean towels each morning and monitor throughout the day

    • Reusable Cleaning Cloths

      • Refill the stock of reusable cleaning cloths in the dish room

      • Notify Test Kitchen Facilities Coordinator if the reusable cleaning cloth supply is running low

    • Equipment

      • Coordinate with the other Kitchen Assistants to ensure that equipment is correctly sorted between photo and general

      • Keep an eye on distribution of sheet pans, and small appliances

      • Make regular rounds to collect dirty dishes

      • Assist Kitchen Assistants in washing dishes as needed during peak times

  • Weekly Tasks

    • Paper Good Unpacking

      • Unpack paper goods delivery and put it away in the paper goods closet

    • Cleaning Supplies

      • Take inventory and fill out Cleaning Supply Order form

  • Monthly Tasks

    • Locker (interior)

      • Clean assigned locker interior

  • Filming/Special Events

    • Distribute extra tasks amongst KAs with guidance from Assistant Test Kitchen Director

    • Adjust Kitchen Assistant schedules based upon the filming/event schedule

    • Wash and dry any event linens

  • Miscellaneous Tasks

    • Train another point person on how to fulfill duties to be completed while out sick or on vacation

    • Assist in cleaning ovens as needed

    • Assist in ordering paper goods when Test Kitchen Facilities Coordinator is out of the office

    • Assist in taking temperatures of walk-ins and other refrigerator/freezers associated with our licensing procedures when Test Kitchen Facilities Coordinator is out of the office

  • Competencies:

    • Knowledge of kitchen appliances and equipment a plus

    • Ability to effectively manage multiple people that speak Spanish or English

    • Ability to think creatively and recommend smart and efficient solutions

    • Ability to work collaboratively within a team setting

    • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with all levels of personnel

    • Possess a positive attitude

    • Possess good organizational skills with strong attention to detail

  • Qualifications

    • At least 18 years of age

    • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

    • English required, Bilingual preferred (Spanish/English)

    • Possess strong analytical and organizational skills

    • 2-4 years of management experience preferred

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